Sheldon Silver being (theoretically) ousted from New York state Speaker position.

Oh my droogies, the knives are now out: “Assembly Democrats emerged this evening and announced that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will vacate his position as of Monday and Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle will serve as speaker until Feb. 10, when an election would be held.” Basically, it’s a quit, or be ousted moment; they apparently don’t actually have a commitment from Silver that he’ll go quietly. Which means if Sheldon Silver does not care to go quietly…

This will be a week to watch.  Assuming that Sheldon Silver doesn’t cooperate with the inevitable.  Mind you, if he doesn’t cooperate then it probably wasn’t all that inevitable anyway.

2 thoughts on “Sheldon Silver being (theoretically) ousted from New York state Speaker position.”

  1. The price one must pay after sticking it to colleagues for many years. *shakes head* There is wisdom in the observation about being kind to people as you rise for you will meet them again as you fall.

    *shakes head again*

    PS: The Shah always falls.

    It is amazing what a Federal indictment can bring about. I think they call this a “learning experience,” or some such thing.

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