My post on Maryland fracking is up.

Short version: …I get the general impression that the dispute is not going to be the same high-energy affair that it is, elsewhere. Neither side’s politicians really want to drill down too deep on this one; they’d rather find other flash points on energy policy where pressure can be more profitably applied. ¬†Honestly, the poltiical environment in Maryland isn’t really friendly for any sort of massive fracking dispute.

Moe Lane

PS. ¬†…What?

2 thoughts on “My post on Maryland fracking is up.”

  1. I can say, from doing utility cases in another state, that having a varied supply of natural gas is a good thing for the state and for its people. After Katrina we had to reopen all of our natural gas supply cases and adjust the factor upwards because the long-term contracts that were part of the expected winter price on the NYMEX just got Act-of-God smashing all of them.

    There was plenty of griping from the industry and consumer intervenors, but no real push-back because they all knew that reality is a hard wall to face.

    Diverse supply sources are a win for everyone.

  2. Per the invitation last thread.
    University of Maryland doesn’t appear to even have a Petroleum Engineering or Geophysics program. After a partial survey, I would not be surprised if no so called university in Maryland has such a program.
    This is as if Maryland had no tertiary education in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering, and was passing laws against a program that exists only in MegaTen settings.
    Or no Aerospace Engineering program, trying to ban aircraft because the wings might fall off.
    It is possible that /I/ am better educated on this subject than anyone who has only studied in Maryland. I’m no hot stuff, nor particularly expert.

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