Judge orders Andrew Cuomo to… ah, ‘pick a date’ for NY-11 special election.

There’s a slang phrase that fits this situation – basically, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was dragging his heels on announcing a date for the vacant seat – but it’s a rather vulgar one, so I probably shouldn’t use it. Anyway: “Expressing impatience with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a judge said Tuesday he’ll set a date for a special election to replace convicted former U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm unless Cuomo does so by noon Friday.”  The NY-11 seat (Staten Island, and parts of Brooklyn) has been vacant since Michael Grimm resigned after pleading out on tax fraud, and it is a measure of just how badly the NY Democratic party is doing right now that the Democrats are still considered the underdogs for that seat.

Which is part of the reason for the delay (which is, technically, a delay in the governor formally declaring the seat to be vacant): the other part is that Andrew Cuomo has a habit of trying to delay special election dates until the actual Election Day itself. Some people will accept the explanation that it’s an attempt to save money; others, that Cuomo knows that Democratic turnout will be better on Election Day*. Either way, the courts have been hitherto reluctant to smack the governor down for delays. That a judge has had enough, for once, is actually somewhat remarkable.  State politics in New York are certainly less preordained these days, yes?

As to the election: the GOP has apparently settled on local district attorney Dan Donovan; the Democrats still don’t have a clue who they’re going to choose.  Which is probably informing Andrew Cuomo’s previous foot-dragging.  Say what you like about Michael Grimm, but at least he apparently knew when was the right time to resign…

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*And this guy thinks that it’s simply because Andrew Cuomo is a pigheaded so-and-so.  While I don’t agree in the specific case, I have some sympathy for that assessment of Gov. Cuomo’s character in general.

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