It is a glorious day at National Review Online.

Cthulhu reference. Also, SMoD. And, well, this:

Cruz is great. Rand Paul is great. Scott Walker is great. Bobby Jindal is great. Rick by-God Perry is great. Jeb Bush . . . was a really, really fine governor. We have primary elections for a reason, and these are some big boys (and girls? What says Governor Martinez? Governor Fallin? Governor Haley? Governor . . . ?) who are more than capable of inflicting upon themselves whatever savage and perverse ritual combat Republican-primary voters demand, with the last man standing demanding of the conclave in Cleveland: “Are you not entertained?”

Should be a hoot.

Personally, I recommend staying frosty when it comes to the primary. After all, every Republican candidate except one will end up losing it; their supporters should probably be prepared for that to happen. Or, conversely: if they’re planning to take their ball and go home if their candidate loses… then they should probably do it now, and avoid the rush.

7 thoughts on “It is a glorious day at National Review Online.”

    1. … Does the POTUS nom routinely pull from the failed?
      I know it’s happened .. Reagan picked Bush 1.0 .. which is a valid strategy for party unification ..
      It also *hasn’t* happened recently. Bush 2.0 picked Cheney, who couldn’t run. Romney picked Ryan, who may have been planning a future run. McCain picked Palin, who wasn’t even as much of a contender as Ryan.
      So .. while I’d like to see the practice picked up again, it seems to have an intermittent sort of history.

      1. From this group, I’d hope we’d pull from them. Assuming it doesn’t devolve into a cannibal dinner party.

        1. I’d say there’s a decent chance with this pool of candidates, given many are young enough they could reasonably run in 8 years. But there’s also a good pool of potential veep candidates out there that aren’t likely to be running to top the ticket, so I wouldn’t put the odds at more than about 50-50

      2. Bush picked Quayle, his impeachment insurance.

        Dole did pick Kemp, who had run for the nomination against both Dole and Bush in 88.

  1. As long as Jeb isn’t one of those 2, I’m good. I can pull the lever for anyone else on that list. I’m not looking for perfection. But I stand by my statement that if the GOP goes Game of Thrones w/ Dynastic Kingmaking, I’m on a rogue op.

    That’s the score. Anyone else, I’m good. So Iowa and New Hampshire, if you screw up and leave Jeb in front, I’m all for permanently neutering your importance.

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