Rand Paul wins the coveted Dick Morris Seal of Disapproval.

Yeah, Dick Morris has come out and said, point-blank, that Rand Paul cannot win.  Which means… Rand Paul really does have a chance, then.  And I’m not saying anything that nobody else is: if Intrade was still in existence, contracts on a Paul win would be immediately hopping right now.

6 thoughts on “Rand Paul wins the coveted Dick Morris Seal of Disapproval.”

  1. He punched the media and the follow-through hit DWS. Gotta like that at the least.

  2. Rand’s path is a convoluted one, but .. it does exist.
    I’d just really prefer that he take the fork that leads through the Governor of Kentucky’s chair first ..

    1. Provided he can actually Govern, Rand running for KY Gov would actually be in his best interests, if he really wanted to become President for the following reasons
      1) He wouldn’t have to give up his Senate seat, and has the name recognition necessary to be able to jump into the Gov race immediately ( November this year is the General)
      2) the dude he’d likely face is Jack Conway ( state AG) who ran the aqua Buddha ads in 2010. Not necessarily the most easy candidate, but Rand stomped him before.
      3) He’d prove he isn’t just his old man
      4) the GOP is likely to take the White House in 2016, which means likely re-election. Rand would be set up nicely to run for POTUS after 8 years of Governing a state known for electing Democrats.
      5) Assuming GOP doesn’t win 2016, Rand would still be better situated as a one term Governor, then as a one term Senator.
      6) Rand is only a credible candidate because of his father’s followers, and built in national support. That support would remain, but after a term or two as Governor Rand would be able to persuade Skeptics of his candidacy a bit better then he can now.

  3. Well, other than the ability to play with Real Marbles Intrade is back as Pivit. Too bad it only works in that nasty iCrap… 🙁

  4. Good grief, can we stop pretending that Rand Paul is anything but Ron Paul lite?

    1. He has the taint.
      But I would vote for him looooong before I’d even consider voting for Jeb.
      I don’t mind having him in the campaign.
      It pushes the discussion in a more conservative/libertarian direction, and it pisses all the right people off.

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