…Isn’t this Daily Beast article on a Grand Canyon development project racist?

I do believe that by the Activist Left’s own rules it’s racist. “If a collective of big money investment interests have their way, the 5 million people who flock to the Grand Canyon’ breathtaking vistas every year will also soon be able to get in some shopping and catch a film on an IMAX theatre built right on top of the canyon’s rim.” The article goes on to patronizingly suggest that American Indians Native Americans First Peoples are incapable of deciding for themselves that there’s a lot of sense in separating Grand Canyon tourists from their money via various amenities.  Apparently the Left prefers indigenous peoples to stay in the quaint, (and awkwardly poor) rustic reservations that the paternalistic federal government placed them in.

:shaking head: …Man.  White people.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t care one way or the other whether the Navajo build a shopping mega-mall complex near the Grand Canyon. I mean, hell, it’s their land and this is a free country. It’s just that I wish progressives would stop and think about the things that they’ve just said or written. It doesn’t even have to be every time.  Just ever so often.

8 thoughts on “…Isn’t this Daily Beast article on a Grand Canyon development project racist?”

  1. “Save the Confluence is joined in their opposition by the National Park Service, though the agency has no jurisdiction. The project lies outside the National Park’s borders.”

    I’m sure there are some nice people working for the National Park Service. But I’d be really tempted to end it if I were God-Emperor of the World.

  2. I hope they don’t build a typical suburban monstrosity. Make it look like it belongs there, as much as possible. Pueblo style or something ‘fitting’, ya know? That’s how I (as a prospective customer) would want it. But, yeah, I hope they build the **** out of it, just to tick off a government agency….

      1. Since everything is built on non-US land, Federal agencies have no jurisdiction. Heck, I’d *pay* to see the agencies told to go pound sand.

        1. I hate to point this out to you, but the IRS, OSHA, etc. DO have jurisdiction.
          The Indian tribal governments have a large amount of independence from state laws and regulations, but not from federal laws and regulations. Not to mention that the Dept. of Indian Affairs has been infamously corrupt for the whole of its existence.

          1. Ah, a quick consultation with Mr. Google, Esq, shows that I am wrong and you are correct. I learned something today.

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