Islamists* attack Garland, TX Muhammad exhibit, are promptly shot down in the street like dogs.

Personally, I’m not overfond of being casually rude about a man’s religion – unless it’s a Greenie’s, of course** – but America is chock-full of things that I’m not overfond of, and my opinion is ultimately irrelevant about just about every single one of them. That’s one of the glorious things about America. We don’t have to care if your nose is bent out of shape over something.

Which should not be taken as an invitation to pull out a gun and start shooting. Oh, my, no. Not in Texas. They shoot back down there, and probably better than your average terrorist does.

Can’t really beat this for a response.

Moe Lane

PS: A police officer was wounded at the scene, but fortunately his wounds were not severe.

*One assumes, of course.

**After all, they’re rude right back.

9 thoughts on “Islamists* attack Garland, TX Muhammad exhibit, are promptly shot down in the street like dogs.”

  1. We don’t have to care if their nose gets bent out of shape?
    I recall someone writing “we will be made to care.”
    One of these groups of fanatics is copying from some other group of fanatics’ notebook. Hey, it seems to work, with varying mileage.
    I’m not really sure what to do with that, but the parallel in your words struck me.

  2. Some people will insist that you care – and that you care the way they want you to care.

    The best response, as always, is to reply “You want me to care? You just made a very, very big mistake.”
    (I know, subtlety is lost on most of the ‘caring crowd’ however – it really makes a good Eastwoodish cut line.*)

    *’Eastwoodish’ is again having Fun with English.

  3. …. Gonna go out on a limb here and say Texas does *not* welcome our new Islamist** overlords.
    ** One assumes.

  4. sure i care. i care that i only hit you and not any innocent bystanders. practice, practice, practice.

  5. The would-be terrorists in Garland fell for one of the classic blunders: Never assume that you’ve outgunned an art show in Texas.— Daniel Foster (@DanFosterType) May 4, 2015

  6. I’m a Texan as of a year ago, and I fully endorse our law enforcement’s response to these characters’ attack on the art show.

    The problem is that the Islamists have got this stuff covered. Their people got killed in an assault on the infidels? Well, that’s okay — they were martyrs. They’ll do it all over again and if more of their people are martyred, then so be it, but next time they might succeed.

    Islam doesn’t stop. They just keep coming, and until we Americans get that through our heads, we’re going to keep losing ground.

    You can’t appease them, and you can’t make deals with them, as they will just lie to you. The people this morning wringing their hands about the incident (like that columnist at the New York Times) really don’t get it, or don’t want to get it. You don’t dismiss free speech because it might offend someone. You stand behind it with everything you have. Brava for Pamela Gellar and bravo for Texas.

    1. They’ll do it all over again …
      Hollow-points plus bacon grease.

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