‘Enter Sandman.’

Enter Sandman, Metallica

So, yeah, at my game today the subject of Metallica sucking came up – as it does – and it was pointed out to me that this song does not, in point of fact, suck. ¬†Shoot, I think that it even made it into a Weird Al Yankovic polka compilation. So there’s that.

5 thoughts on “‘Enter Sandman.’”

  1. The Black album was their finest. Old time fans were suspicious of it because of the polish and the lessening of rage from previous records, but the old records weren’t that good, to be honest. Same can be said of early Megadeth.

    1. And if I’m being honest, I didn’t actually hate the singles that came off Loaded either. Sadly, that was the end of their good stuff.

    2. Master of Puppets wasn’t a good album? Oh my. An album routinely placed in the top hard rock/metal albums of all time wasn’t even ‘good’? No, it was epic.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I like the Black album, a lot. And if Load/Reload had been reduced to one album, I would’ve been fine with that. But there’s nothing good between that and Death Magnetic except S&M, and even there the songs that work as Symphonic Power Metal are the older, Prog Metal songs.

  2. This video made the Atari Jaguar CD game VidGrid, which basically is a 15-slider puzzle on steroids done to music videos. (Consider that this was being done on hardware that’s over 20 years old now.) This video is by far the hardest thanks to all the time the screen spends black.

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