Reminder: there are actually more Supreme Court decisions tomorrow.

And if Scalia writes the EPA decision (there is a remarkable amount of analysis out there trying to figure out who writes which Supreme Court decisions*)… well. They may have to end up encasing it in concrete and shooting it into the Sun. So, there’s that to look forward to, at least.

Moe Lane

*I think that the general consensus is that the event that might have suggested that Scalia would not get the EPA case was actually not a triggering event in this case, and at any rate Mars was in Taurus when the white heifer gave birth to a two-headed calf and the Ouija board started spelling out 19th Century British dance hall lyrics. You see: apparently, this is all like Kremlinology, only without the scientific rigor. I’m just impressed that the Court can still keep a secret…

3 thoughts on “Reminder: there are actually more Supreme Court decisions tomorrow.”

  1. In the name of comity, maybe they’re throwing him or Thomas a bone.
    You know, given that they’ve just overturned the rule of law and found sodomy enshrined in the Constitution, one presumes that they need to do something, or be attacked with an axe.

    1. Either that, or they enjoy reading Scalia dissents as much as I do, so they’re going ‘let’s see how much we can get him going with this one’.

  2. The clerks don’t leak because they’re hoping to get appointed to the bench one day .. there isn’t sufficient advantage to a leak to toss your career ..

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