Well, it’s a new week.

I’m going to predict that it’s going to be a foreign policy sort of week, mostly because the Lords of Fate read this blog and delight in proving my predictions wrong. ¬†And no, they’re too smart to play the infinite-recursion game; I’m allowed to know and admit that they’re out to keep proving me wrong. It’s apparently more amusing that way.

Calling this an open thread, although I don’t really know why. I tend to have a light hand in the comments section here anyway.

4 thoughts on “Well, it’s a new week.”

  1. Obama had a great week . Not gonna happen again for awhile . Greece , ISIS, Ukraine, possible China economic meltdown- there are a host of possible bad things that could happen . Plan? We’ll still be working on a plan a year after whatever Bad Thing happens. Given recent experience I don’t think our federal government could cope with even a minor hurricane much less, say, a major earthquake on the San Andreas.

  2. Greece is going to be interesting. But it’s the unknown problems that really fornicate the dog, to borrow our host’s turn of phrase. A major wildfire? A new disease scare? Michael Jackson releases a new record posthumously?

  3. Greece just about guarantees some amount of foreign policy .. depends on what the markets do on Monday.
    I’d like to think the GOP governors who are mulling higher office would see some opportunity in the Greek .. transition.

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