Quote of the Day, Trolling Level: Master edition.

This is good, solid work:

What Clinton needs most of all is a way out, a means of escape. Before she can recover politically, the legal uncertainty must end. And the only way to end it is a presidential pardon. Clinton’s future isn’t only tied to President Obama’s job approval and economic performance. It’s also tied to his compassion. Obama alone can resuscitate Hillary’s campaign.

It’s the ‘compassion’ part that impresses. It’s that extra attention to detail that distinguishes the master from the journeyman. I despair at ever consistently playing at this level.

12 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Trolling Level: Master edition.”

  1. I read that at Hotair and went HA! I can’t believe folks there were taking it seriously.
    I kinda wish Obama would to it. It would set her guilt in stone.

    1. Her guilt is already set in stone.
      There is no question that she violated the law in using an unsecured server, and there is no question there was classified information on her unsecured server, in her private e-mail.
      It deserves to be taken seriously. Everything he wrote is true. Which is *why* it’s so devastating.
      Right now, her only hope is to stonewall until she wins. But she might not win, and large cracks are appearing in the wall. It may not hold.
      With a pardon, that problem goes away.
      To be replaced with a new one, since it’s an official statement from the President that she did knowingly and willfully violate the law. But because of who she is, she’ll suffer no official negative repercussions for it. That’s won’t play in Peoria (or much of anywhere else, either).

      1. Technically, innocent until proven. Until then they will, and do spin it furiously.
        You generally don’t get pardoned for crimes for which you weren’t declared guilty. Nixon is an exception, but he just resigned and wasn’t running for anything anymore.

  2. There was a piece a while back, I forget where or who by, that postulated that O’bama wouldn’t be to keen on a democratic successor. If a democrat succeeds him he becomes just another ex-President. But if a Republican succeeds him he becomes the go-to guy for criticism of the new administration. Thus keeping him the center of attention.

  3. The crowning glory to that article is the videoclip at the end: President Obama Pardons Turkeys.

  4. The question this immediately raises is: Does Hillary have enough on Obama to blackmail him into giving her a pardon?

      1. A cat’s hypothesis remains that Hillary’s running to get better media coverage for whatever bombs she’s got…
        The right pebble at the right spot can cause quite an avalanche, after all.
        That said, politics by mutually assured political destruction remains a great problem for the Dems to have…

  5. So yeah, that’s great. But I think Guccifer deserves a prize (a pardon for his/her hacking?) for connecting the dots with Sid’s mail.

    Which brings something else up — who the hell were all these high level federal employees who were SENDING EMAIL to an un-authorized NON US government account. Some — IF NOT ALL — of them knew that was illegal.

    Let’s track them down, and convict them. Maybe then some might be pardoned. But the Empress Dowager of course, would have to get hers first.

    1. No, empress dowagers must be handled .. carefully.
      She gets to live out the rest of her life in “freedom”.
      The quotes are significant .. they mean the security detail provided to Bubba Clinton will .. take pains .. to ensure her safety .. that approach (but do not reach) the level of house arrest.

  6. Stonewalling works. She’ll get away with it. Always has, always will. Not sure why, but there’s that rarefied host of individuals who all seem to know each other and all seem to protect each other. Even when on seemingly opposite sides of the political fence.

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