WaPo Editorial page Editor upset about the Syria crisis the WaPo helped spark.

I guess Barack Obama should have said ‘Macaca,’ or something.

Fred Hiatt (the aforementioned editorial page editor) looks upon the wreckage in Syria that his own newspaper helped spawn (via their unrelenting support of Democrats in general, and President Barack Obama in particular), and has the sheer unmitigated nerve to be appalled:

When Obama pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq, critics worried there would be instability; none envisioned the emergence of a full-blown terrorist state. When he announced in August 2011 that “the time has come for President Assad to step aside,” critics worried the words might prove empty — but few imagined the extent of the catastrophe: not just the savagery of chemical weapons and “barrel bombs,” but also the Islamic State’s recruitment of thousands of foreign fighters, its spread from Libya to Afghanistan, the danger to the U.S. homeland that has alarmed U.S. intelligence officials, the refugees destabilizing Europe.

The reason why ‘critics’ (Hi!) failed to sufficiently envision and imagine the dire consequences is because we failed to appreciate just how much the Media would cover for President Barack Obama’s failures. You know what would have helped correct Obama’s appalling Syrian policy? A series of scathing, relentless A1 stories from the Washington Post every day.

I’m taking a slap at Fred Hiatt here not because he personally deserves it – the man is sounder than most liberals on international human rights abuses (i.e., he remembers that they happen* even when you can’t blame them on a Republican) – but because the Washington Post as a corporate entity absolutely does not get to piously lecture me on Syria. They need to apologize to me on Syria. They need to apologize to the American people. Because the Washington Post, and the New York Times, and the Media in general all helped build this wall that we’re now running into.

One sycophantic brick at a time.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I should note, though, for the record that our current relationship with Uzbekistan (the subject of that link) dates from the first days of the new administration; the previous one raised enough of an actual stink over human rights violations that the Karimov regime ended it, and thank God for that. I mention this largely because that link somehow unaccountably forgot to tell you that Barack Obama can happily stomach dictators that George W. Bush ultimately could not. Odd, that.

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  1. Or those who were/are key to the West’s security.
    Vanderluen drops this little gem* that the media stuffed down the memory hole.
    Perhaps the Wapo will inquire of The Empress of Chappaqua how her Libyan strategy is working out for Europe.
    *Laugh it up Fuzzball.

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