Quote of the Day, Pace Yourself This Primary Season edition.

Michael Barone: “…all, or almost all, of the Republican candidates in the prime-time debate seem to have advanced their cause, if only marginally. Which means, as I said, that there’s reason to expect that this contest is going to go on for months to come.” I think Michael Barone was being generous to some of the candidates – some people slipped last night – but we may end up being in for a bit of a long haul.

So it goes. I’d rather have our situation than the Democrats’.

Via @HotlineJosh.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Pace Yourself This Primary Season edition.”

  1. What would be funny is if a candidate said back to a moderator…

    “That would be an interesting question but I’m not in middle school. On this (issue of importance) I think (this, that, and this other thing). Say, Sen./Gov./Mr./Ms./Dr. – what are your thoughts on that non-middle school issue facing our country?”

    Because something like that would be more beautiful than the finest N.C. Wyeth pirate painting ever!

    1. So far no one’s taken it to the moderators like Newt Gingrich did so successfuly last time. There’s an opening here for someone to step forward and do that. Hopefully Paul, Walker or Cruz will step up here.

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