Reminder: Russia is not our friend.

Let me repeat that.  Russia is not our friend:

On Sunday, the Anti-Globalization Movement of Russia hosted the first “Dialog of Nations” conference in Moscow.


The conference hosted separatists from multiple Western nations—Ireland, Italy, Spain—in addition to a Western Sahara contingent. The greatest plurality of representatives, however, came from the United States. Russia has prior cultivated relations with separatists in Texas—who are attempting to land the question of secession on Texas’s GOP ballot—but [Alexander] Ionov and his organization have since expanded their reach among American separatists.

Via Hot Air. The Russians, of course, don’t really understand our country and our culture – specifically, Texas, which must be like an alien civilization to them – but that’s not really the point, of course. The point is that Russia used to have an Empire, and then Ronald Reagan shoved a stake through its black, rotten heart. They’re never, ever going to forgive us for taking away their Ukrainian and Central Asian and Baltic subject nations from them, to say nothing of all those Slavic client states that that escaped Russian control*. They’d love to return the favor.

Remember this. Vladimir Putin probably doesn’t believe in this nonsense any more than I do, but he’s happy to encourage the lunatics. They are… useful idiots. Which is a quintessentially Russian phrase, come to think of it…

Moe Lane

*The Russians were probably happy enough to stop ruling over the East Germans. After all, it’s not like Germany’s going to be invading Russia again any time soon.

4 thoughts on “Reminder: Russia is not our friend.”

  1. Any port in a storm though. Or a small breeze, given the potency of the US separatism movements. The French were our mortal enemy once, until they weren’t and had a decided interest in sticking our former overlords in the eye.
    I can’t say much. Up this way we’re more likely to go back to Canada than go indy should anything hit the fan.

  2. I’m sort of surprised this has taken so long to surface. A division of the USA into two countries would be like winning the lottery for the Russians. So, why wouldn’t they give it a shot?

    I have to add that this is a considerably more realistic take than that by Akademician Panarin, which projected a division of the USA into six successor states.

  3. The Russians act in their own interests, which is a refreshing bit of clarity compared to our mess and the EU kleptocracy.

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