The “”Truth”” trailer. (Double quotes, because, well.)

(Via BigGator5) Oh man, this is gonna be the sleeper comedy hit of the fall!

I mean, yes, they want people to take that nonsense seriously. To quote my dear, departed father: it’s good to want. ‘Cult comedy hit’ is about the only way that the backers will get that money back.

Moe Lane

PS: I hope to God that, when I die, my obituary doesn’t say¬†Mr. Lane was best known for being instrumental in getting a President from the opposing party elected. I don’t know if there’s a larger humiliation for a reporter. Or blogger.

4 thoughts on “The “”Truth”” trailer. (Double quotes, because, well.)”

  1. Once again, we see progressives innovating in military affairs with the concept of (Air) National Guard personnel going AWOL!

    There’s a more fundamental problem. The US had just withdrawn from Viet Nam, and lots of just-retired USAF pilots who had served in South-East Asia were looking for ways to keep their flying hours up. Air National Guard offices were trying to help those pilots, not the part-timers, especially not part-timers qualified only on older jets that were being retired now that newer planes had been transferred back from Viet Nam. So pilots like GWB were encouraged to not bother the ANG any more.

  2. I recall our friend the cat was on a forum with some of the typists who were nerding out over the typewriters available at the time.
    Moe, I take it you are not interested in my extensive files of correspondence showing that a prominent Democrat was connected to some serial killings, but had it hushed up thanks to the Soviet consulate.
    I’m sure Mapes would do the same thing she did then if someone told /her/ that Obama was the Oakland County Child Killer while he was at Occidental.

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