Quote of the Day, Nancy Pelosi Had To Go Back To John Boehner’s Tobacco-Imbued Office edition.

I am sometimes a petty person. I admit this. For example, this made me laugh:

When Representative Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, lost her speaker’s gavel in the 2010 Republican rout of the House, she was forced to reinhabit Mr. Boehner’s prior office as he moved into her spot.

The House superintendent replaced carpets, peeled the paint off the walls and repainted them, and replaced the curtains, all in the name of smoke odor eradication. This was not at Ms. Pelosi’s request. “We are all paying the price for Speaker Boehner’s smoking,” said Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Ms. Pelosi.

…But you guys most of all, to be sure. And never mind that the repairs had to be done on the taxpayers’ dime. Speaking as one, there are few things that I’d rather have my tax money be spent on than on anything that personally pisses off Nancy Pelosi.  And here I thought that I had heard everything awesome about the 2010 election that there was to hear…


Moe Lane

PS: I don’t really care about smoking. Which is weird, because I quit a decade ago. Typically, that should mean that I should not be able to stand smoking. At all…

6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Nancy Pelosi Had To Go Back To John Boehner’s Tobacco-Imbued Office edition.”

  1. Hey, I thought that smoking inside a public building was prohibited by law.
    Oh, right. That sort of thing doesn’t apply to our betters.
    Carry on, then.

  2. Quitting what smoking I did was prompted by Michigan banning smoking in bars. After that I stopped.

    It was surprisingly easy.

  3. If I had any faith in Ryan at all, I’d say there was a metaphor in there somewhere….

  4. It takes longer than 10 years. It’s been 20 for me now, and I almost always hate it. But still, there’s that once in a blue moon that I get a wiff and think…. hmmmm…. that smells really good.

  5. Stopped in 2007 or so. Had smoked for forty-some years, sometimes as much as three or four packs a day. Had quit, as Twain put it, thousands of times. In 2007, though, I really felt like quitting and did so. I don’t mind the smell.

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