Bloomberg spends $2.2 million of antigun money to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in Virginia.

Reuters doesn’t exactly elide that: but neither does it really push too much the minor detail that the two seats that Mike Bloomberg poured his money into replaced a retiring Democrat and Republican with… a Democrat and Republican. ¬†Indeed, it’s almost as if Bloomberg needn’t have put in any money at all. Although I don’t mind if Democrats and/or liberals throw a lot of money into the electoral process and never get anything¬†back. In fact, I think that they should double down…


2 thoughts on “Bloomberg spends $2.2 million of antigun money to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in Virginia.”

  1. I suspect Bloomberg saw this as a test run for next years elections . Maybe we can convince him that keeping a D seat in D hands was a worthwhile investment so he will blow more of his cash.
    The anti gun ads are good incentive to get all of us gun nuts out to vote against whoever he supports.
    Bloomberg spent $700K in the Richmond state senate race and probably more to the one in NoVa. I don’t want to hear how awful the Koch brothers and Citizens United are.

  2. I only wish it’d been $2.2B.

    Bloomberg probably loses more than 2 million in the pockets of what he sends to the cleaners.

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