Ah, the lovely smell of conspiracy theorizing. For those unwilling to click on the crazy, it’s Alternet: and they’re convinced that the GOP Establishment somehow managed to hack into the Kentucky gubernatorial elections and hand Matt Bevin the win without leaving any evidence at all.  That this would imply that Kentucky Democrats have no idea what they’re doing is quietly passed over; then again, so is the fact that the GOP Establishment wasn’t really thrilled with Bevin getting the nod in the first place. Seriously, if you’re going to commit election fraud, why stop at the general election? Bevin won that primary by the skin of his teeth; a hypothetical corrupt GOP could have easily rigged it so he didn’t.

Then again, a hypothetical corrupt GOP could have also rigged the 2012 election ballots in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin and there’s the election right there.  It’s not so much that these people think that I’m working for an evil conspiracy: it’s that they can’t make up their mind about whether I’m working for a competent evil conspiracy. I mean, geez, pick one, all right?

Moe Lane

PS: On the bright side: Alternet managed to get through another article without blaming it all on the Jews!  Huzzah!

8 thoughts on “Angry Left: ZOMG THEY TOTALLY STOLE THE KENTUCKY-GOV ELECTION!!!!1!!ONE!!!111!”

  1. Conspiracy theories leave me conflicted. Years ago I told my brother that after watching X Files and all of the things that the government was doing I didn’t know whether to be worried about their evil or proud of their sheer competence.

  2. The idea that the Kentucky GOP organization is super-duper, hyper-competent enough to pull that off is risible, given the actual events of the GOP primary, but, sure, whatever. Loonies gonna loon.

  3. In Alternet’s defense, they have what they believe is evidence. The evidence is that Conway lost. Oh, and that some down-ballot Democrats got more votes than Conway did in the same precinct. So it’s supposition, speculation, and innuendo. Which for Alternet is pretty dang solid, no?

  4. Best I can tell, they can’t get their mind around the fact that people *don’t* always vote straight ticket. It seems (to me) Brad, Karoli, and Bev consider it literally inconceivable for that to happen. At all. Ever.

    1. It actually smells like patchouli, cannabis, and…unwashed clothing, bodies and….excreted matter.
      I’ve dealt with crazy, there is nothing to recommend about crazy.

  5. just a beta test of our vote-stealing gizmo, Dems. wait’ll you see what it can do nationally with Queen Cankles!

  6. It was a beta test. We managed to get all the down ballot Dems to lose but we need to work on more consistent results . The 2016 version will be much improved.

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