Kathleen Kane keeps on with keeping Pennsylvania-SEN safe for Pat Toomey.

Here’s a question for the ages:

So if there’s one question that’s come up again and again in the tangled legal surrounding Attorney General Kathleen Kane, it’s this one: Exactly how much lawyering can one do when the state Supreme Court has suspended your license to practice law?

The basic problem for Kathleen Kane here is that right now she can’t actually say anything (including press releases) that implies that she’s a lawyer.  Largely because, according to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, she’s not actually one.  So now she’s being forced to write out all of her press releases as being from “Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane’s office.” Which is clumsy, sure – but so is stubbornly refusing to resign after you get caught abusing your power.  Oops, did I write that out?  I must be part of the conspiracy, then.

No, seriously, I have to be part of the Conspiracy.

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  1. My idiot Assembly and Senate are considering raising the sales tax by 2% statewide while skipping a fracking tax. I hate Harrisburg with a flaming*, fiery passion.

    * Can YOU compare your state government to a literal dumpster fire? <a href="“>I CAN.

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