Quote of the Day, A Reminder That Global Warming HYSTERIA Is A Minority Opinion edition.

You can believe what you like about global warming, of course.  It’s a free country. Just remember that, if you think that we should immediately shut down hydrocarbon use in response, you’re actually kind of lonely out there.  From Gallup, in April:

Nearly six in 10 liberal Democrats (58%) assess global warming as a serious threat to their way of life, a judgment not reflected in any of the alternate political identities. Less than half of conservative/moderate Democrats (46%), 35% of independents, 30% of moderate/liberal Republicans and 12% of conservative Republicans agree with this viewpoint.

I find this highly amusing, honestly.  The anti-tech types have spent so much time trying to turn what has been a fairly obvious warming/cooling cycle that stretches back through recorded history into some sort of one-off situation that they completely forgot to convince anybody why we should care. And the problem with predicting apocalypses?  People tend to notice when the predictions don’t come true. And they respond accordingly.

But, hey, don’t let me stop the Democrats from trying to run on that program. Maybe it’ll work out for them this go-round.  First time for everything, am I right?

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, A Reminder That Global Warming HYSTERIA Is A Minority Opinion edition.”

  1. To channel Instapundit: “Tar. Feathers.”
    Back in the day, a false prophet was executed on the spot. That’s a bit excessive, but investment futures in petroleum and natural upholstery are rising.

  2. it’s almost always better to pull the wool over your own eyes, at least according to Bob. me, i believe that all land is slowly sinking. and screw arks, i’m building a giant yellow submarine.

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