Tweet of the Day, No. No, Salon Is Not Better Than This edition.

I know that I should be outrageously outraged at this…


…but, honestly?  I just want to call Salon’s mother and father and tell them to stop fighting long enough to let Salon have a merry Christmas for once.  Because there’s so much pain there, and this is the one day of the year where I’d feel bad about drinking it.

11 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, No. No, Salon Is Not Better Than This edition.”

  1. Eh, just the perpetual adolescents trying to be “dark and edgy,” completely oblivious to the fact that such views haven’t been edgy for a couple hundred years. And all they are left with is darkness, with out hope. On this day, I guess we should pray they find some at some point.

    1. That was my first thought. “Oooo look! Salon is being all-smart-alec-13-year-old! Clickbait!”

  2. A merry Christmas to the Lane clan.
    I sorta like to picture how folks like these Salonistas would react, on opening gifts, and receiving the exact Hot Topic gift card they really wanted…

  3. Ah, screw ’em.
    If someone can’t enjoy faith, family and fun all blended together, then there’s something seriously wrong with them.
    If most people would rather hang out with zombie Oliver Cromwell than you, you’ve failed at life.

  4. Get the popcorn ready!
    In completely unrelated news, the staffer that gave the DNC the excuse to deny the Sanders campaign access to voter roll information was planted in the campaign by the DNC.
    Fortunately, neither Obama nor Hillary has a history of dirty tricks, right? 😉

  5. Trolling Christmas? That’s low. Why don’t you go tell all the kids to stop with their materialistic fantasies and get to work out at the tractor factory, comrades?

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