UPDATE: No, NOBODY watched that CNN/Obama town hall on guns. (With an apology!)

It didn’t even win its time slot (note: there is an ever-so-slightly esoteric debate as to whether that statement is true). Total viewership was 2.4 million, which is great news for CNN and no-so-great news for Barack Obama and everybody else who’d like to take your guns away.  And yes, I don’t believe Barack Obama when he says that he doesn’t want to take people’s guns away. I may not worry about it – based on Barack Obama’s past history, any confiscation scheme of his is likely to somehow take all of Uruguay’s guns and distribute them across the British Commonwealth – but that’s because I’m not impressed with the President’s basic competence level.

Anyway. I should probably apologize to CNN: they apparently let people take legitimate smacks at the President’s, ah, flawed logic. I didn’t expect that CNN would do that.  My apologies for the unwarranted assumption.

One thought on “UPDATE: No, NOBODY watched that CNN/Obama town hall on guns. (With an apology!)”

  1. “Obama Holds Levee; CNN Attends.”

    I wonder if even CNN is going through the motions with him. Smiling and nodding and putting as much fake enthusiasm into their voices as they can when talking to him and otherwise going “Is he ever going to shut up and go away?”

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