My RedState post on CNN town halls.

Found here. ¬†Short version: the Democrats are gonna suddenly cram in another town hall. Why? Well, to quote myself: “The Democratic party Establishment does not want to run a white, old, socialist-loving ideologue‚Ķ but they want to run Bernie Sanders even less.”

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  1. Why have a few Townhall events? Because Hillary is foundering, and Bernie is forgetting his role as “redshirt #1” and actually acting like “Hey, I could make the nomination.” He put out an ad, “America”, which is quite good. Let me import my comment on it form AoSHQ, and further comments I sent to my brother:

    My comment from AoSHQ. The ad uses the Simon and Garfunkle song ‘America’ over images of, well, America. Here is my comment:

    56 On Sanders’ Secret Weapon:

    The ad is a very good ad. Bernie Sanders is using it to make an emotional connection with the Democrat primary voters. That absolutely needs to be done.

    Political campaigns are emotional events. They are not political science lectures. The candidates have to get the voters (here the primary voters) to connect and identify with the candidate on a gut level. The intellectual rationalizations will come much later.

    Bernie Sanders understands this and is deliberately seeking to colonize the Democrats’ emotions. This is something Hillary cannot do, she has all of the emotional warmth of a brick.

    FTR – this is also something that Donald Trump is quite good at doing, but then again Donald Trump has been marketing himself for the past forty years.

    Posted by: Mikey NTH – Quench Your Fires with Ice Scream at the Outrage Outlet! at January 21, 2016 03:56 PM (hLRSq)

    (Now what I said to my brother.)

    Two things I would change with my comment:

    (1) The song has these lyrics –

    “They’ve all come to look for America
    All come to look for America
    All come to look for America”

    If you want some good lines over your feel-good political commercial about how America is all of us, you can’t ask for better. We are America, and Bernie is for America, therefore Bernie is for us. And we should be for Bernie.

    (2) Hillary Clinton does not have all of the emotional warmth of a brick. She has all the emotional warmth of a brick to the face. Her supporters consist of: (a) those who imagine the return of the 1990’s, (b) those who follow in her wake like the looters and camp-followers used to trail an army, and (c) mentally damaged women who think that Hillary having a vagina and they themselves having a vagina will mean that all of their daddy issues will be dealt with as Hillary Makes Them Pay!

    This my view from this date – subject to change as information comes in because, hey – I deal with reality, I’m not a Democrat.

    Like I said to my brother – that’s my view from this date.

  2. And I wish I remembered to put in “.” as place holders for spaces as what ever system is used here has no idea what a paragraph or sentence break is.

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