Um, people stockpile on bread, eggs, and milk…

…because they’re perishables that run out quickly when you’re making simple, straightforward blizzard foods like French toast, or scrambled eggs, or omelets, or pancakes, or sandwiches for the kids, or what have you.  I mean, this isn’t really rocket science, contra the Atlantic. Lots of people have kids, and people with kids need to have an uninterrupted supply of the foods that kids eat. I mean, I may need to walk over to the convenience store myself at some point to pick up some more milk. Hopefully not, but it may happen.

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6 thoughts on “Um, people stockpile on bread, eggs, and milk…”

  1. If you’ve ever watched Cutthroat Kitchen, one of the novice mistakes made there is for the chefs to not grab eggs when they’re getting their ingredients from the pantry.

  2. Yep. Used to keep a box of powdered milk in the cabinet, and still keep a couple gallons of water in the bottom of the deep freezer …
    Shelf-stable for months, and some recipes out there have been adapted for powdered milk plus water, so rotating it is possible.
    No, it doesn’t *taste* like milk, not quite, but it does stretch the real milk…

  3. That’s the trick, “People with kids”. People who write for the Atlantic aren’t the social class having kids, are they? Didn’t Tom Wolfe call this “The Great Unlearning”?

  4. Eggs also do not need to be refrigerated, they keep just fine in a cool room and one can make a lot of different dishes with eggs and whatever is in the fridge and pantry. Plus if you lose power they cook quickly on a camp stove.
    I couldn’t force down powdered milk, however almond milk comes in single serving, shelf-stable packs and is a good substitute for cow’s milk and kids like it on cereal…it even comes in chocolate.

  5. Having 3 young kids, I “stockpile” bread, eggs and milk *every* trip to the grocery store.

  6. Being middle aged, single, with no young kids I go through milk, bread, and eggs pretty quickly.

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