My RedState post on Democrats and Republican debates.

Found here. Short version: Democrats are so bored with their own primary that they’re watching ours. Not that I’m sympathetic to their woes; the Democrats brought all of this upon themselves.

One thought on “My RedState post on Democrats and Republican debates.”

  1. The Democrats are boring:
    (1) Martin O’Malley oils and flexes his biceps.
    (2) Hillary confesses she doesn’t even know how to use a pen, let alone e-mail.
    (3) Bernie Sanders extols the virtues of drinking a quart of vinegar and prune juice each morning “to keep you regular and away from the quack doctors.”
    The Republicans? They’re like Daedra – they’re never boring. At least not this cycle, where everyone acts like Mehrunes Dagon is entering Nirn in the form of a NYC real estate developer with weird hair.

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