Democratic debate tonight. Huzzah?

I’m admittedly half-tempted to have it up in the corner of my screen.  Not for the semantic content, of course: there won’t be any.  But I figure that after next week’s primary we’re going to be calling Bernie Sanders the ‘front-runner’ for a bit, so Hillary Clinton has some sort of incentive to cut her a Socialist.

Mind you, I don’t expect that to descend to the level of physical violence.  If for no other reason than either one trying that sort of nonsense would undoubtedly result in one of them throwing out their back. Or both of them doing that.


…Because they’re old, wakka-wakka!  Thank you, I’m here all week.  Remember to tip your waitress!

One thought on “Democratic debate tonight. Huzzah?”

  1. Bernie Sanders drives the Partridge Family bus as Reuben Kincaid shouts advice at him.

    Huma winds her motorcycle out, slewing the front tire to compensate for Hillary’s weight in the starboard side car.

    Yeah, you know it: elderly hippy in an old bus with a sleazy manager/agent.

    A motorcycle/sidecar with a corrupt-o-crat having her path cleared by a…pretty loyal toady…that is actually very valuable.

    The fun I have been having with this…

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