Well, that was a fun and exciting debate…

…nah, just kidding.  It was a dumpster fire*, and that’s mostly due to the moderators.  Except Mary Katharine Ham, who was a rock on the abortion questions, and a general credit to our shared profession.  On the other hand, I got to see Jeb Bush testicle-punch Donald Trump over eminent domain (spoiler warning: I HATE Kelo-style eminent domain), so it wasn’t all bad.

Moe Lane

*A potentially profitable dumpster fire for the GOP, but still a dumpster fire.

6 thoughts on “Well, that was a fun and exciting debate…”

  1. I was actually disappointed no one really called out the dumb@$$ questioning this time. But then, by now such things become self evident.

    1. Yes, but it really makes me miss Gingrich. He was one of the best at exposing moderators in a short space of time.

  2. As a Rubio supporter, I’ll admit it — he took it on the chin, and didn’t punch back well. That first half-hour was painful. He came back, and ended up having a decent-to-good night…if you exclude the first thirty minutes, again.
    Cruz was very solid, mostly impressive, and didn’t hurt himself — which tonight, may have been the biggest help of all. Bush did quite well too. Where was this guy in the first debates? They won the night…Cruz more so, because he can still win the nod.
    Carson and Kasich might as well not have been there. And Trump toned down his Trumping for the evening, which should be enough to win him NH, but he still had his “moments.”

  3. Lest it be forgotten , Kelo was a gift from the Bush folks , H W here. Bush’s chief of staff was a NH man , John Sununu , who thought the best way to sneak a conservative onto SCOTUS was to find a guy with no paper trail . I give you that titan of jurisprudence , David Souter . Souter was the deciding vote in Kelo and otherwise distinguished himself with jack nothing . There was an aborted movement in NH to condemn Souter’s lake front home for some ‘public purpose ‘ hand him a check and send him on his way . Sadly it came to nothing . Thus the abomination that is Kelso is the progeny of the Bushies . BTW , I need not remind you the property that was Kelo is now a vacant lot as the corporate user , Pfizer , found a better home and flat left Ct . There’s a lot of that these days , leaving Connecticut

      1. A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.
        Gerald Ford

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