I propose a new strategy for dealing with Democratic whining.

Assuming that the Republican party survives this election cycle intact, I have a proposal for dealing with whatever cause du jour that the Democrats come up with in the future. It goes like this: just [expletive deleted]ing ignore it. Don’t even say ‘whatever.’ Don’t even roll the eyes.  Just shrug it off and go do something else.

I mean, seriously: think about what’s going on right now with that Supreme Court nomination thing. We told the Democrats that Obama wasn’t going to get to replace Scalia. The Democrats started screaming. And we… ignored them, because we have real problems right now and what do we care if the Democrats are aggrieved over it?  And as a result, the Democrats are still trying to push the same buttons of ours that they always push, only this time we legitimately don’t care.  They were expecting movement by now.  They haven’t gotten any.

Admittedly, we don’t care because we’re in the middle of an existential crisis.  But if we happen to come through without exploding, I suggest that this strategy might pay dividends generally. Because it turns out that the Democrats have only a limited ability to force Republicans to do things that Republicans don’t want to do.  Go figure…

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    1. What’s to explain? The Clintons wanted to recreate Perot, and the same angry people are voting for the same “Successful Businessman Outsider” illusion. Just inside the party this time.

  1. Yep, and if Trump gets the nomination the October surprise will be Bill’s interview with the Times on how he talked Trump into running just to Eff with the Republicans never believing they would nominate a conspiracy-believing nutcase like him. Probably with a loonnngg list of all the conspiracy theories Trump’s bought into over the years.

  2. One of the upsides of the leftists shutting down the Trump rally in Chicago is that it makes a Trump-Sanders alliance much more unlikely. I know a lot of people have voiced concern over that possibility.

  3. The internet causes problems in that it makes it easy to blow minor things out of proportion and gives the baying outrage pack the ability to go to eleventy.
    The benefit of the internet is that everything goes to eleventy so it may or may not draw attention, especially since the internet brings up a new thing to get outraged about every day, more or less. If you ignore the current outrage you do not have to wait long for the next to arrive.
    Here’s an experiment: pretend you are going on a long weekend. From the afternoon of the first day to the morning of the fourth day track how many outrages have come and gone.

  4. Nothin’ like a good existential crisis to sharpen the mind…
    I am … okay with .. the non-response to the Dems as it seems to be working, although I would *prefer* the usual responders learn the right lesson – it’s straight outta training animals – varying the response instead of by-rote “messaging” gets an uncertainty that is *useful*…

  5. I agree with this, Moe. The problem is that there is “the party” and there are clowns like, say, McCain, who have no discipline, don’t care about strategy, but just want to get their PRECIOUS FACES ON TV.
    They will not let the party ignore the attacks. Heck, to GET ON TV they will join them. You need a strategy of talking about other things than the one you are ignoring, and it somehow has to get the usual suspects TV TIME.
    That. Right There. Is Trump’s superpower. He gets ON TV by talking about whatever stupid sh*t he wants to.

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