Last season of Samurai Jack March starts 11th.

Available on Adult Swim, for everybody who has cable (i.e., people who are not me).  My instant-assessment:

  • Good news: they’re going to finish up the story.
  • Bad news: only 10 episodes.
  • You-tell-me news: “For those who haven’t been following the development, the series will be notably more gory and adult themed than the original run of the series. “

I half-worry about that last one. But it’s only half-worry because, after all, it’s not the kids who were clamoring for more Samurai Jack. It’s adults, and we can probably all handle some more gore at this point.

One thought on “Last season of Samurai Jack March starts 11th.”

  1. Bad news also, Mako Iwamatsu (original voice of Aku) is still dead 🙁


    I suppose they’ll get someone who can do an adequate impersonation, but still.

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