Powerball winner’s ex-boyfriend is probably sick of ‘Single Ladies’ right now.

@JimmieWrites thinks that this isn’t worth clicking through, but it totally was.

Had Richard Lord married ex-partner Mavis Wanczyk he would have shared her record-breaking $758.7 million Powerball windfall.

But as the couple ended their 15-year-relationship late last year as nothing more than boyfriend and girlfriend Lord is not entitled to a single cent.

“Paging Mrs. Knowles-Carter… Ms. Knowles-Carter, please pick up the red courtesy phone.”

Moe Lane

PS: Bourgeois middle-class morality for the WIN.


One thought on “Powerball winner’s ex-boyfriend is probably sick of ‘Single Ladies’ right now.”

  1. Full bragging rights: Thats my home town, a couple miles down the street I lived off growing up, my sister used to work at that convenience store. So, um, I guess the universe is just taking its time to narrow its sights on me, so when there’s a really big solo prize, it’ll have its aim down straight. Yeah… thats it.

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