Tokyo Lair finally coming in next @SecretWorldLgds update?

That’s what they’re claiming. Supposedly it’s all scheduled for October 11th: Orochi Tower, endgame, lair, wrist signets. Kaiden dungeons will not be showing up in Secret World Legends in the next update, or in fact this year. Still, a Lair in Tokyo is going to be the first no-fooling new content in this game that we’re going to see, so having that show up in two weeks will be pretty sweet.

More of an issue is the Halloween stuff.  That second link also says that the Halloween content this year is just going to be Cat God; there’s a hint that maybe there’s going to be a big Jack mega-raid type event, but we’ll know when we see it. This is slightly disappointing, because in The Secret World you got used to all the cumulative Halloween missions dropping at once, which meant that you had a lot of stuff to do for a month.  And the Halloween missions were fun, too. Spooky stories and old-time radio plays and even the missions with the dreams were cool to do once. I was kind of hoping that they’d just dump it all at once, with the exception of the 2016 Halloween missions, because I had no idea what they were trying to do with those anyway and it was just endlessly frustrating.


Sorry. That was the despair point for me.  When you’re a horror-conspiracy MMO and you can’t put on a good event for your most popular holiday, there are problems.