*Other* Tweet of the Day, I Forgive The ‘Raw Water’ Hucksters Everything edition.


Dear God now I wish I had gotten in on the ground floor.

LiveWater will set you back twenty bucks a gallon.  The people of Jefferson County, Oregon are paying about 1/3rd of a cent for precisely the same water.  Only, you know, it’s fresher in Jefferson County. But, hey: the people at the Deschutes Valley Water District (the folks bottling the spring water) are protecting that spring like ornithologists protect the California Condor*, including regularly checking their watery goose and its aqueous eggs, so I suppose that the people who drink LiveWater don’t have to be painted mauve after all.

But if we could maybe paint them green, instead?  I mean, it’d make it easier for the people who want to sell them other stuff at a… 606028% markup? I may have done the math wrong. It’s a blessed lot of money, but then perhaps it really should be going back into circulation after all.  I mean, God help us all if those people tried to do something meaningful with that cash.

Moe Lane

*They do chlorinate the water from time to time. Presumably they’d do more if they had to.

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  1. Can’t actually calculate the markup until you get the cost of the containers, and bottling & shipping costs… but it’s definitely in the neighborhood of “I’m taking your lunch money, your bus fare, and anything you’ve got on you that I might be able to sell, or burn for warmth.”

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