9 thoughts on “‘What’s Up.’”

    1. Green Day, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden ..
      Yeah, talk to your kids, folks ..
      p.s. if they’re really into obscure stuff, there’s always King Black Acid ..

        1. Oh, darn… I MEANT pilots…. however, pirates isn’t bad. Must be because I am reading the S.M. Stirling embervse/Change novels LOL

  1. Such a shame that they only ever made one album– just wait until he starts asking about Blind Melon.

  2. Just so long as they don’t touch Nirvana…
    Time is a great sifter. Most of the stuff from the 90s was forgettable, and has largely been forgotten.
    But it’s weird hearing remakes of songs that came out when you were an adult. (Especially when they’re objectively worse than the original. And autotuned.)

    1. Addendum: it has been interesting to see Darius Rucker (AKA Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish) reinvent himself as a country singer.
      And actually be good at it.
      At a time when that portion of the radio dial is dominated by Pop with a twang. (Feel free to insert a snide comment about Blake Shelton here. Except that most Pop doesn’t rise to his levels of vapid.)

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