The theoretical, yet high-potential, fan-made Quentin Tarantino Star Trek trailer.

I’m not gonna lie. There are elements to this that appeal. Via GeekTyrant:

I think that it’s the swagger.  Star Trek: TOS had swagger down pat. Kirk particularly, but everybody on the show knew how to chew them some scenery, and they made the program in a milieu where it was OK to be brash.  And that’s the (dubious) attraction of a Quentin Tarantino Star Trek, right there.  Tarantino would absolutely love the idea of sending the Enterprise crew back to 1968, in all of its retro glory.  And, heck: the Enterprise did, in one episode.


There we go. That’s what Tarantino would do.  A homage to Gary Seven and “Assignment: Earth.” Only Roberta Lincoln would be black and there’d be at least one huge bar fight. Again, I ain’t gonna lie; that I might watch.

2 thoughts on “The theoretical, yet high-potential, fan-made Quentin Tarantino Star Trek trailer.”

  1. I graduated from HS in 70. What I know is that I watched Star Trek every time I could.. because by then I was working as a cashier at the local IGA. In viewing this seminal series: think time stuffies mop up, Might could have been working.

    I have (I think) seen EVERY episode. The Internet is wonderful!

    As a younger fem, I was focused on Spock: very cool, totally inaccessible, (bodice ripper: I could MELT those ice walls.! To: why yes! KIRK. you rock my over-the-top world.

  2. That Gary Seven episode? That was Terri Garr playing Roberta Lincoln, back in the days when she was a Gazzari Dancer.

    Oh, Momma.

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