There will be a ‘Space Force.’

…I mention this merely to have something to point to when people ask me if I’ve seen the news.  I’ve seen the news.  I am hesitant to comment further on the topic, given that my wife works in an area that might be materially affected by this announcement.  I’m certainly not going to provide an opinion of it.

10 thoughts on “There will be a ‘Space Force.’”

  1. Some will point to ‘treaties’ and ‘international agreements’ about not militarizing space. I will point out those rags were negotiated by fools and leftists (*but I repeat myself) and certainly aren’t in America’s best interest.

    1. Not militarizing space is a great proposition right up until somebody else does. If we have a plan for dealing with somebody else militarizing space before somebody else does it, it might even mean we won’t ever have to. After all, we can do test flights and maneuvers with completely unarmed vehicles. I just don’t want us to end up pinned on the surface of Earth when the galactics show up because we never thought to develop space weapons worth the name.

      1. “Not militarizing space is a great proposition right up until somebody else does.”

        A reminder: a few years ago, the Chinese performed a successful test of a satellite-killing satellite.

  2. I will expect any Space Force to have an 80s anime vibe. As a taxpayer I want a catchphrase and I want the pilots to say everything they are going to do right before they do it, and say it with enthusiasm.

    “Spaceforce Delta GO!”

    “Deploying orbital vehicle!”

    “Firing Orbital Platform Gun!”

    And there must be some good footage of fiery and very painful re-entry. Otherwise, I shall have to be opposed to such a move.

  3. Takeaway: the Air Force and Navy would be certain to botch procurement, and would divert enough funds away from their stated purpose to warp reality and summon Nyarlathotep.
    Established interests within any existent force would ensure that the new mission would be starved of resources.
    Just look what a bang-up job the Air Force and Army have done with missiles, rockets, and anti-satellite munitions.
    Or the Navy keeping Aegis Burke class and Ticonderoga class ships stationary in an ABM function, rather than build a more cost effective stationary platform for the task.

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