Tweet of the Day, Tom Hanks To Play Mister Rogers.

Nobody else alive could do it, of course.  And it may be a little hard for Tom Hanks… oh, who am I kidding?  Tom Hanks could totally play Mister Rogers.  Straight up.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Tom Hanks To Play Mister Rogers.”

  1. His face looks wrong. I think the problem is that Mr Rogers was 143 pounds for most of his life, and Tom Hanks is probably a good 50 pounds heavier.

    1. Hanks seems to have a pretty good facility for voices and dialects, though. If he can nail the voice, I think that will be enough.

    2. Weight gain and loss in Hollywood is usually controllable, since the resources to control an actor’s diet and exercise are available.
      There’s enough of a market for the movies that the beancounters can authorize that cost.

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