In the (E-)Mail: Robin D. Laws’s ‘The Missing and the Lost.’

You’d have to have done the Yellow King RPG Kickstarter to have gotten the link today to Robin D. Laws’s The Missing and the LostIf you have, then you should download that book; it’s rather good.  If you haven’t, well, keep track of it until it comes available; again, it’s rather good.

Basic conceit is that it’s an alternate history Hastur Mythos novel where Hildred Castaigne (the protagonist of Robert Chambers’s “The Repairer of Reputations”) actually succeeded in creating a Imperial dynasty that ended up ruling the United States for a century, all for the benefit of the King in Yellow and his Yellow Sign. And then there was a revolution, and the Emperor has fled, and people are trying to rebuild and not think about all that literally insane magical stuff that had been going on. Only they can’t…

I’m about sixty percent in, and it’s good stuff. Get it, when you can.