Bo Peep returning for Toy Story 4.

Yeah, I’m not exactly certain how this is supposed to work.

Then again, we’re all still waiting for the Toy Story series to start sucking, and it’s managed to avoid doing that for three movies already, which is one movie more than many series do, and two more than rather more series do. I assume from the lack of petticoats and the prominent staff work that Bo Peep is going to be some kind of ronin-ninja-monk type, which… OK. Sure. Just as long as Pixar doesn’t make me cry again. Over a bunch of toys.

3 thoughts on “Bo Peep returning for Toy Story 4.”

  1. Three was such a good send off. I really see no reason to revisit all of this. The coveralls and staff seem nothing more than remarkably practical for sheep farming.
    And also for ninja ambushes.

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