Saw the new ‘Picard’ trailer a few times.

Figured out what bugged me about it.

At first I wanted Picard to be like Logan (dude at the end of his time, needs to hero it out just once more). And then I wanted it to be like a new Prisoner* (because THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS). And then I realized that at no time did I feel a burning desire to see what they’re apparently offering (dude broken down, needs to be built up again so that they can break him again).


Moe Lane

*It’s on Prime! Why the hell am I not watching an episode of it right now?

2 thoughts on “Saw the new ‘Picard’ trailer a few times.”

  1. Both Wars and Trek have moved out of the passive ‘no more money for them’ category and into the ‘preach to others against giving them money’ classification. And Damn them for their tardery that spoiled pleasant memories.

  2. So… Sounds like they’re still trying to turn stately Picard into a Sisko-like crusader(NTTAWWT). Not sure how that will go as they were meant to be yin and yang, and ultimately where the TNG movies fell apart and flopped.

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