RIP, Barry Hughart.

Oh, hell. I hadn’t heard this, either. Barry Hughart wrote some great fantasy books. If you haven’t read them, do so. I don’t think that he will mind.

My condolences to his family and loved ones.

4 thoughts on “RIP, Barry Hughart.”

    1. I don’t know the details, but something happened with his publisher screwing him over.
      When it was published, I had lots of free time, a fair bit of disposable income, and purchased dozens of books a month. (Most of which were genre fiction.)
      But I never heard of these stories until well over a decade after they had been published.

  1. I had some internet contact with him about 2009 through editing Wikipedia’s article about him. Unlike many subjects of Wikipedia articles, he was pleasant and funny.

    Yet another great-but-underrated author who got screwed over by Big Publishing. Sad.

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