Soooo… secret-society themed Batman game coming out?

That seems to be the consensus?

Well, the consensus at least among that part of the hardcore Batman fans* that aren’t hyperventilating at the news. Apparently the guess is that either it’s gonna be the Court of Owls (Gotham-based secret society), Ra’s Al Ghul’s League of Shadows, or possibly both. I’d be able to gather more, except again that everybody’s too busy hyperventilating to explain. Guess we’ll find out!

Moe Lane

*I do not say that as a criticism. “Always be yourself — unless you can be Batman. In that case, always be Batman.”

One thought on “Soooo… secret-society themed Batman game coming out?”

  1. Yeah, the rumors from Batman day last week were “Arkham Origins sequel with the Court of Owls and WB Montreal is flashing the symbols on a building downtown alongside the Batman logo.”

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