This is the most expensive HDMI adapter I’ve ever bought.

Mostly because it has a new monitor attached to it. I shake my fist at whoever it is that keeps changing the layout of cable connectors! I shake it, I say! I had to go to three places* before I could manage to do a workaround, and while admittedly I now have a 24 inch curved Samsung monitor, that’s not the point! The point is that civilization embraced standardized for a reason! Don’t mess that up, computer industry!

Now get off my lawn!

Moe Lane

*Walmart, which was filled with helpful and knowledgeable staffers who worked extra-hard to fix my problem. I felt almost bad when I found a manager afterward to give out an attaboy: the woman’s eyes went dull for a moment when she heard the dread words “this guy wants to talk to a manager.” But she was absurdly touched to hear that everything was all right! So much so that I started feeling irrationally guilty about it. I dunno why: kind of by proxy, I suppose?

One thought on “This is the most expensive HDMI adapter I’ve ever bought.”

  1. Well the computer industry standardized on a particular output type. And if we wanted to live in the world of 640×480 cathode ray tube VGA monitors forever, we could have stuck with that analog standard. But some people weren’t satisfied with the State of The Art, so they kept asking for more, and The Art provided. And then analog VGA wasn’t enough to send data to the monitor, so we switched to DVI. And then the television types got involved, since monitors and televisions aren’t really different, and we migrated to HDMI and Display Port.

    All of which I’m thankful for, since my day job entails writing software that generates lots of data that gets sent to lots of very high resolution displays so that some people can do on-the-job training without risking lives and machinery.

    But, yeah, it’s a PITA to keep up with it some days, especially if you don’t need to keep up with it. 🙂

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