The original trailer for ACTION USA.

GeekTyrant is calling this ACTION USA trailer “Amazingly Bonkers,” and it’s hard to argue. It’s not that I think it looks good, because I frankly do not. The confusion on my part here is that I do not understand why I didn’t see this movie on Sunday afternoon television a half-dozen times, growing up. It looks like exactly the kind of blow-em-up lunacy that syndication depends on. And yet, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. Weird.

Anyway, it’ll be brought back to American cinema this fall. GIRD THY LOINS.

2 thoughts on “The original trailer for ACTION USA.”

  1. That looks terrible, and not even in an amusing way. As far as how you missed it, I can think of three possibilities:
    1. It was too graphic for the censors and no broadcast-friendly edit was available
    2. It was too dumb even for broadcast TV
    3. Your guardian angel hid it from you (or you from it!)
    My memories of 80s/90s TV oppose both the first two ideas, so I guess you have some prayers of thanks to offer! 🙂

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