What I’m trying to watch this week.

This is sort of a New Year’s Resolution: I have a pile of movies that I’ve been meaning to watch, only it’s been hard to make time. So I figure I’ll try to watch more movies a bit, here and there, and see if I can get back into the habit of seeing them all in one go. This week’s entries:

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Some liberties have been taken with the book, I think – and I mean the P&P&Z book, not the original. I remain adamant in my belief that Jane Austen would have cheerfully added the zombies herself if she lived in our era. And that she would have taken to the fantasy genre like a duck takes to water.
  • Warm Bodies: The movie that did not launch the zom-com genre, and I suppose that this was for the best. Still, I hear it was sweet, for given values of ‘sweet,’ and I surely can catch bits of it as I go.

2 thoughts on “What I’m trying to watch this week.”

  1. I forget why we saw Warm Bodies .. maybe it was the only thing playing at the second-run multiplex we *hadn’t* seen?
    It’s .. not actually bad. Sweet is a good term. What it lacked was a solid and coherent zombie virus / disease thing .. and maybe a lighter hand on the messaging.
    I think the messaging is what sunk this one .. but it’s not actually a bad film, and may be a good bit of pandemic-fare.

  2. I enjoyed Warm Bodies. It’s got some premise issues and such, but it tries hard and it remains pretty unique.

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