They are remaking… The Toxic Avenger.

I’m not even mad.

Coming off from the critical success of Ma Rainey’s Black BottomDeadline brings rising actress Taylour Paige has been tapped to star as the female lead opposite Peter Dinklage in Legendary’s upcoming Toxic Avenger reboot. This new casting addition comes after nearly a month since Jacob Tremblay (RoomGood Boys) was confirmed as the first actor to join Dinklage in the project.

…I guess I just want to know why. What more needs to be said in that franchise? I’m legit curious about that, honestly – and no hate towards the original, either. But what’s the victory condition here?

2 thoughts on “They are remaking… The Toxic Avenger.”

  1. “Keep Dinklage Happy” may be all the reason it needs.
    Toxie has a sufficient (and odd) fanbase for a relatively low-budget reboot to not lose money, and if Dinklage is a fan (wouldn’t surprise me at all) and wants this to happen, then… what more is there?
    p.s. not a fan, just aware that Toxie has fans

  2. I assume that someone thinks they can make money at this.

    But perhaps it is purely for nostalgia. I have seen stranger things done with less justification.

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