I would… start rethinking any current dependencies on PRC manufacturing products.

This isn’t political, per se: it’s just an observation that current geopolitical events may have an effect on a variety of American industries in the very near future. This absolutely includes the gaming industry, which has become extremely reliant on cheap PRC manufacturers and printers. There may be disruptions in the near future.

Note the repeated use of May. I have no insider information (those links are cold, and dead). I could be imagining things. But I wouldn’t recommend counting on the PRC not to lean on the USA by mucking about with American retail supply chains.

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  1. At risk of touching on Dread Politics…

    It seems pretty clear that the CCP has been running some rather ham-handed coverups on anything that might suggest that they were responsible for Covid. I don’t think they even know if they *were* responsible… just that their instinctive reaction to the threat is to run (potentially brutal) coverups. This is not the sort of thing that’s going to make the rest of the world *stop* poking at it, and they seem to be reacting poorly to said poking.

  2. The problem is, because they are a “face” society, is that they would appear to us to act *exactly the same way* if the virus were an accidental release or deliberate. And we in the west aren’t culturally equipped to deal with it, and they aren’t culturally equipped to deal with *our* responses.

    1. That rationalization does not apply to Fauchi et al.
      As such, it fails.

      Occam’s Razor has always pointed to lab release.
      There’s circumstantial evidence for negligence, and also circumstantial evidence for deliberate release.
      One thing is clear, the Red Chinese government placed draconian travel controls within its own borders, but allowed or encouraged international travel from the affected areas. At that point, it became a sin of commission, whether the initial release was inadvertent, or not.

  3. See, I’m reading this and thinking about what it’d take to set up a comic book / tabletop RPG print shop.
    Step one would be finding the local print shop who does the ballots for the local election.. because they’re *going to stay in business* – and seeing what they can do that they may not realize applies to comics and RPGs.

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