Flogging Molly coming to DC 09/26/21.

Tickets are not yet on sale. I can’t wait for them to be. It’s not whether or not I’m going to go see Flogging Molly: it’s a question on how much I’m going to spend. I don’t know if the VIP package is cost-effective, but by God it sounds attractive.

Moe Lane

PS: So does the 2022 cruise, but that’s a lot of money to spend on, well, me. I could publish another book for that kind of cash.

4 thoughts on “Flogging Molly coming to DC 09/26/21.”

  1. You can also justify a cruise as ‘advertising expenses’ – call the line and book a conference room or similar space for a few hours on various days for ‘meet the author’ events.*

    *I am Not a tax accountant

  2. Also, speaking of personal excitement for upcoming concerts, I just got Reckless Kelly tickets for September here in Philadelphia – only 26$

    1. I didn’t really know anything about Reckless Kelly before I saw them in concert; went right to the merch table and bought the latest offering from them (Good Luck and True Love), and damn it’s good. Oh, it was a fundraiser for the restoration of Battleship Texas. I was there for Robert Earl Keen, who is always great, but I think I listen to Reckless Kelly more now. Anyway, ENJOY!

      1. I never heard of Robert Earl Keen (or Jerry Jeff Walker) until I listened to some live bootlegs from Jason Boland covering their stuff. I firmly believe you are never to old to find new music.

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