Summer colds suuuuuuuck.

There’s no fever and I can smell and taste things, so it isn’t COVID – or else it’s the form of COVID that is indistinguishable from a summer cold. Either way, I have ordered comfort food for the family and Premiere Accessed BLACK WIDOW. Fine, Disney, you win this one.

4 thoughts on “Summer colds suuuuuuuck.”

  1. May the path to recovery be gentle and short.

    And speaking of movies, Hollywood is dead. The local multiplex has 7 options. Every single one of which is a sequel.

    1. That sucks.

      I saw Black Widow last night in a theater with a group of friends. Aside from the sound being too loud, I had fun. Off the top of my head, the movie trailers shown beforehand were –

      Kingsmen prequel (a sequel)
      A new M. Night Shamalyan movie
      Tomorrow War (movie on Amazon Prime)
      GI Joe Origins: Snakeyes (derivative, though not a sequel)
      Shang-Chi (Marvel movie with completely new characters)
      Fate Stay/Night (anime, based off of a Japanese eroge visual novel with branching paths; it’s probably a “side-quel”, though I’m not sure)
      Jungle Cruise (derivative)

      I think that’s it.

      Of the list, that means that there were –

      Two sequels
      Three derivatives
      Two original productions

      1. Forgot two more trailers for original content films –

        There was a trailer for the upcoming Aretha Franklin biopic. And there was a trailer for a sci-fi flick with Hugh Jackman called ‘Reminisce’.

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