Daniel Radcliffe feels no need to do another Harry Potter movie.

Apparently one of the directors to one of the Harry Potter movies wants to do a film version of the stage play HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD. But: “…[Daniel] Radcliffe was asked to comment about Columbus’ Cursed Child statement. The actor admitted that it’s something he’s “really not interested in doing right now,” especially when he’s at a certain point of his life and career where he feels like he has already “made it out of Potter.””

Lemme translate that out of Polite: Not just ‘No.’ That’s gonna be ‘Hell to the no.’ Sorry, what’s that? I can’t quite hear you, over the sound of all of this money.

I dunno who the agents were for the Harry Potter kids, but they should all get civic awards for their contributions to Western civilization. Straight up: horrible sequels for the sake of money are a real problem in genre film making*. None of those kids from the flicks – well, now they’re adults – really need to go along with a bad script and a quick cinematic hack job just to maintain their lifestyle, for which I am thankful. At least they’ll all come back for an elaborate cinematic hack job, hopefully after I am dead of old age.

…Well, maybe not. I’d like to last longer than thirty more years, honestly.

Moe Lane

*I approve of good sequels for the sake of money, obviously. I am not a Communist.