05/09/21 Snippet, HERO OF THE REVOLUTION.

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“We already know the Truth of what happened, Angel Vadriel,” Raphael told me. “Your task will be to learn that Truth yourself, and couch it in terms that your kinds might understand.”

My communing with the Archangel of Knowledge was taking place in a nonexistent office, with Raphael manifesting as an older human woman with kind eyes, and a completely unnecessary writing pad. I had requested a meeting with ‘her’ mostly to gauge how important this case truly was in the Scheme of Things. The speed by which my request was granted was instructive. The Archangel definitely wanted to talk to me.

Unfortunately, sometimes ease in talking didn’t mean ease in communicating. “My… kinds, Archangel?”

“Yes,” waved the Archangel, idly. “The Host. Humans. And the Unrepentant, too. All of you will be affected by what happened, so you will all need ways to comprehend it.”

I know, I know. You’d think that the conversation would be less gnomic. It never is, with Archangels. And asking for further explanation wouldn’t do any good; the conversation was already calibrated down to my level.